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DSE Applied Learning

Practical Skills for DSE Success


Applied Learning Course

The Essentials of Theatre Arts

Cohort 2024 – 26

Student Selection Arrangement

Applicants will be invited to undergo a student selection process to ascertain their eligibility for the programme

Selection Criteria

  1. Interest in Theatre Arts and the related industry;

  2. Related skills and experiences;

  3. Learning attitude; and

  4. Communication and language skills

Selection Procedure

   Online Assessment - Applicants are required to submit an online assessment form, which includes:


   Face-to-Face Audition - Applicants are required to attend a face-to-face audition on either 4 May or 11 May 2024 (Saturday). The audition schedule will be announced via the Education Bureau platform or applicant’s secondary school.

    Audition venue: Dance Studio 2, 4/F, The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts  

   The audition includes:

  • 3 minutes self-introduction* with an object that can represent their daily life;

  • Simple tasks as requested and Q&A by the panel.


     * During the 3 minutes self-introduction, applicants should:

  • Explain and show how the object relates to their daily life;

  • Explain the reason(s) for applying to this programme and their expectations;

  • Outline their plans after the completing this programme.

     * Remarks:

  • Applicants are advised to arrive the audition venue 30 minutes before the scheduled time;

  • Duration of the self-introduction must within the designated 3 minutes;

  • Wear comfortable clothes for moving around as there will be theatre exercises and games as audition tasks;

  • Shoes off before entering studios.


Successful applicants will be notified from June 2024. Please stay tuned to the latest announcement by the Education Bureau, applicant’s secondary school and the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts.

For enquiries, please contact the ApL team at 2584 8721 or email at

Cohort 2023 – 25


  • Phase 1: October 2023 - June 2024 [Download]

  • Phase 2: To be announced

  • Phase 3: To be announced

Notes for Learning Progress Report
To be announced

The Essentials of Theatre Arts is one of the Applied Learning (ApL) courses offered to senior secondary students as an elective subject within the senior secondary curriculum. In this course, student-centred learning and teaching activities are designed to engage students in a holistic experience to enrich them as people, drama artists, makers of drama / theatre, and theatre participants through the “Three Key Learning Processes: Performing, Creating and Appreciation”. It provides students with a comprehensive study of drama and theatre production as an art form and introduces them to the professional world of theatre, while developing their creativity, power of imagination, people skills and self-confidence. Students may choose, according to their personal interest, “Dramatic Arts” or “Theatre Production” as their elective parts. This course is conducted in Chinese.


For enquiries, please contact the ApL team at 6090 3412 or email at

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