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  • Terms & Conditions | HKAPA . EXCEL

    Terms & Conditions Curriculum Dancing Jazz Dance Tap Dance Academic Subjects The Performing Arts Industry Professional Development Musical Theatre History in Practice Singing Singing Vocal Repertoire Drama Acting Entry requirement Applicants must be 16 years old or above, have completed HKDSE or equivalent, and pass the subject of English Language; or non-local qualifications such as a GCE AL, IB Diploma; High School Graduation Diploma or SAT, etc… All candidates must pass an audition. Experience in acting, singing and dancing will be an advantage. Application Procedures Complete an application form and return it with the following documents to HKAPA EXCEL, 1 Gloucester Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong. Completed application form. A headshot-to-waist photo and a full-body photo. Photocopy(ies) of academic and/or professional qualifications. A photocopy of identification document (HKID card or passport). A cheque for application fee payable to “EXCEL Ltd.” Audition Applicants will be invited to attend an audition. Candidates need to prepare the following: A one-minute presentation of monologue from any plays. A one-minute presentation of a song from any musicals or related styles. Candidates must provide their own pianist or prepare an MMO in CD format. At the audition, candidates will be taught a series of dance combinations and requested to present it before the panel of judges. A cheque of the Registration Fee payable to “EXCEL Ltd.” on or before the audition. (Registration Fee will be banked in when the student is accepted; the cheque will be returned to unsuccessful applicants. Candidates without Registration Fee payment cheque will not be auditioned.) EXCEL will inform applicants audition date and time by email in due course. Result will be released via email. Enquire Download Brochure Have a Question? Contact Us

  • HKAPA EXCEL | performing arts | The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, 1 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

    What's On All Courses Bespoke Services P ERFORMING A RTS FOR ALL AGES Extending the mission of the Academy in providing an innovative, multidisciplinary and globally focused education, HKAPA EXCEL aspires to be the leading lifelong learning hub for continuing education and professional development for performing arts in Hong Kong and the region. DRAMA DANCE MUSIC CHILDREN MUSICAL THEATRE F ILM & TELEVISION CHINESE OPERA THEATRE & ENTERTAINMENT ARTS Lifelong Learning Discover EXCEL's diverse Learning Programmes, offering a wide array of study options to nurture your passion for the performing arts. Explore our comprehensive range of courses, workshops, and specialized training to unleash your full artistic potential and achieve your dreams. Short Courses Explore dynamic programmes in EXCEL. Children Programme Nurture young minds through interactive and creative learning adventures. Professional Development Connecting Performing Arts with Career Advancement. Musical Theatre Unleash your passion for the performing arts with expert guidance. DSE Applied Learning Prepare for real-world challenges and excel in practical skills. Featured Courses BROWSE ALL COURSES Why Study at EXCEL? Learn . Collaborate . Excel Expert-Led Programmes Benefit from hands-on instruction by industry professionals and esteemed practitioners. Professional Networking Connect with industry professionals and expand your network, opening doors to future opportunities. Holistic Artistry Embrace a holistic approach to performing arts, nurturing both technical skills and artistic expression. Empowering Success in Performing Arts Experience the transformative power of EXCEL, where aspiring artists find their passion and unlock their potential. Discover the limitless possibilities and join us on a journey of artistic excellence. 1172 + Student Enrolment 104 + Programme 9 + Discipline - Study Area Have a Question? Contact Us


    About EXCEL Extending Performing Arts for All Introduction Established in 2001, EXCEL (Extension and Continuing Education for Life) is a non-profit subsidiary of The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA). Our aim is to provide innovative, multidisciplinary and globally focused performing arts education through short courses, full-time programmes, customised workshops, and performance based productions. We strive to create positive social impact in the community and promote artistic excellence, while enhancing arts literacy, interest and appreciation among the general public. Our Vision Extending the mission of the Academy in providing an innovative, multidisciplinary and globally focused education, EXCEL aspires to be the leading lifelong learning hub for continuing education and professional development for performing arts in Hong Kong and the region. Our Mission Collaborate with the Schools of the Academy in expanding lifelong performing arts learning opportunities for all ages. Engage leading academia and practitioners to deliver high quality professional education and training. Foster strategic partnership locally and globally to promote lifelong learning of performing arts. Innovate cont inuing education learning to meet the needs in the diverse cultural metropolis. Our Values EX cel in the provision of professional and continuing performing arts education in Hong Kong, Mainland China and the region. ​ C reate positive social impact through performing arts education in the community. ​ E ngage stakeholders in education, industry, and community to deliver positive social impact. ​ L ead the development of performing arts continuing education locally and globally. Study @ EXCEL Board of Governors Our Team Have a Question? Contact Us

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