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Extending Performing Arts for All


Established in 2001, EXCEL (Extension and Continuing Education for Life) is a non-profit subsidiary of The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA). Our aim is to provide innovative, multidisciplinary and globally focused performing arts education through short courses, full-time programmes, customised workshops, and performance based productions. We strive to create positive social impact in the community and promote artistic excellence, while enhancing arts literacy, interest and appreciation among the general public.

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Our Vision

Extending the mission of the Academy in providing an innovative, multidisciplinary and globally focused education, EXCEL aspires to be the leading lifelong learning hub for continuing education and professional development for performing arts in Hong Kong and the region.

Our Mission


with the Schools of the Academy in expanding lifelong performing arts learning opportunities for all ages.


leading academia and practitioners to deliver high quality professional education and training.


strategic partnership locally and globally to promote lifelong learning of performing arts.


continuing education learning to meet the needs in the diverse cultural


Our Values

EXcel in the provision of professional and continuing performing arts education in Hong Kong, Mainland China and the region.

Create positive social impact through performing arts education in the community.

Engage stakeholders in education, industry, and community to deliver positive social impact.

Lead the development of performing arts continuing education locally and globally.

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