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Fundamentals of Stage Management

This course is an overview of the roles of stage management in the theatre industry. 


Course content includes: 

* Outline of the stage management team's duties and responsibilities including their roles in the technical period 

* Introducing theatre conventions, stage equipment and theatre glossary 

* Organizational and management skills 

* Preparation of prompt book and blocking notation 

* Understanding the financial responsibilities of the stage management team in relation to production budgets 

* Introducing the relationship of the stage management team to other theatre personnel 

* Calling cues 

* Stage managing various art forms 

* Theatre health and safety 


On successful completion of this course, participants should understand some of the fundamental techniques of stage management. The course includes a session for participants to practice at a theatre. A combined practical class will be offered to students from Stage Lighting Design, Stage Management and Sound Technology and Operation course at the last lesson**. 


**The combined practical class will be offered on the condition that there is sufficient enrolment for EACH course.  

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