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Film Directing Workshop:

Decision Making

Unfold the captivating stories ON and OFF screens

Ho Cheuk Tin 
Film Directing Workshop

Film Directing Workshop.jpg

The Film Directing workshop has invited Ho Cheuk Tin, the Best New Director of the year (known for "The Sparring Partner" and "Over My Dead Body") to provide a unique opportunity to gain insights into the decision-making process involved in filmmaking.


Through this workshop, attendees will have the chance to explore the factors that guide a director's decisions during the film production.

The workshop aims to explore the impact and significance of effective decision-making in film production, while providing valuable insights into Director Ho's personal experiences of his decision-making process.


Interactive and discussion sessions will be incorporated to facilitate engagement and idea exchange between the participants and Director Ho. 


28 April 2024 (Sun)


2 pm - 6 pm 









Ho Cheuk Tin

HO Cheuk Tin is a graduate of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, with a major in directing. After graduation, he participated in a wide range of projects, from feature-length film projects (Unbeatable and To the Fore), commercials, to music videos.  

Ho's first feature-length film The Sparring Partner was released in 2022 and became the fourth Hong Kong film to break through HK$40 million box office in the same year. The film received 16 nominations including Best Film and Best Director at the Hong Kong Film Awards. Ho was named the Best New Director of the year.


His latest work is Over My Dead Body, a black comedy which has just been released in Hong Kong in April 2023.

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