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Afterschool Programme

Film and Television Production

Selective Module 

* The content of each module can be adjusted in order to meet the specific needs of the school.

Selective Module 1: Visual Storytelling

Students learn to identify the various disciplines involved in creating content, operate cameras for effective communication through framing and composition, and transfer their ideas into a format suitable for screen work. Additionally, students explore the role of sound and music in storytelling, develop their own stories for shooting, and learn pre-production techniques to ensure a smooth production process. They also learn to produce their stories and apply basic post-production techniques to refine their final product.

Number of sessions:

8 sessions; 1.5 hours / session


Required venue:

Classroom / Multipurpose Room


Required Equipment:

Projector, computer and iPad*

*Some apps may need to be installed for practical or teaching purposes


No. of Participants:

max. 20 people

Other Afterschool Programme:

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Corporate Training


Performance Production

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