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Acting for Musical Theatre Songs

As musical theatre performances are becoming more popular in Hong Kong, the ability to interpret a song has become an important skill.  Developing a character (characterization) for the purpose of delivering a song is an essential skill for all musical theatre performers. To perform a song with impact requires sound acting and drama skills.  Acting for Musical Theatre Songs teaches you how to deliver a song with strong acting that tells a compelling story, a basic and essential skill in musical theatre.


The course has two objectives: (1) to develop characterisation and interpretation skills for performance (or audition) of one song and to develop a rehearsal system with which students can rehearse themselves; and (2) to practice presentation skills appropriate for performing songs.


This course is suitable for people with some musical performance experience and want to improve their musical performance skills for audition, musical performance, or musical directing. Experience in musical theatre is helpful but not necessary.  Students should note that this is an acting-based course, not a course in vocal skills development.  

Students need to choose their own solo song (3 minutes maximum) and bring the following to class: 

1) Chosen solo song on hard copy; 
2) Accompaniment (MMO) track
3) Recording device, such as a smartphone;
4) Ear pods or earphones; and
5) Notetaking devices.

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