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Fundamentals of Sound Technology and Operation offers training in both theory and practice aspects and aims to equip participants with concepts and operation techniques for basic sound systems. 


Students will learn different components of a sound system, such as the mixing console, equalizer, effect processor, and others. Participants will also be introduced to the production progress of performance, and how to bring about the best sound effect. Participants will take part in class exercises, which gives them the opportunity to apply theories and techniques leaned in a practical setting. A combined practical class on the actual stage will be offered to students from Stage Lighting Design, Stage Management and Sound Technology and Operation course at the last lesson,


** The practical class will only be offered if there is enough enrollment for EACH course, and the date will be subject to venue availability.

Fundamentals of Sound Technology and Operation Course

  • Course Information

    Course Code:EEXC_15JUL2024B

    Discipline: Theatre & Entertainment Arts

    Tutor: Wan San Hong

    Teaching Medium: Cantonese

    Age Limit: 16 or above

  • Course Schedule

    Period: 8 July 2024 - 9 September 2024

    (No class date: 15 July 2024 )

    Day of week: Monday

    Time: 7:30-10:30pm

    Location: HKAPA, Wan Chai

    Number of Sessions: 9

  • Course Fee

    Regular fee: HK$ 3,850

  • Price Options

    A discount may be offered to the following applicants. Please enter coupon code when checkout.


    Senior citizen card holders (10%)

    [coupon code: SENIORCITIZEN]


    Holders of registration card for people with disabilities (10%)

    [coupon code: REGDISABLED]


    Full-time students (16 years old or above) (20%)

    [coupon code: FULLTIMESTUDENT20]


    Card holders of Hong Kong Federation of Education Workers (10%)

    [coupon code: HKFEWMEM]


    The discount is only applicable to such card holders themselves. The card holders cannot enrol on behalf of other parties with the discount offers.


    EXCEL reserves the right to a final decision in case of any disputes.

  • Tutor's Profile

    Tutor: Wan San Hong

    Wan is one of the founders of Freelancer Production Company. Graduated from School of Theatre and Entertainment Arts of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, majoring in stage sound design and music recording, and received an honorary bachelor's degree.

    Over the years, he has collaborated with different art groups, including Radix Troupe, Cinematic Theatre, iStage, The Nonsensemakers, West Kowloon Cultural District, Hong Kong Repertory Theatre, Room 9 Dance Theatre, 3Amis, Chung Ying Theater Company, POP Theater

    Currently working as a freelance stage worker and part-time tutor at HKAPA Excel.

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