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The Fundamentals of Screenwriting course aims to equip students with basic concepts and techniques on writing short scripts for film, and to differentiate the differences between writing for film and other media. Narrative elements such as theme and angle, characterisation, visual structure and emotion, and dialogue writing will be taught in this course. The tutor will guide students to explore how to organise and write something from brief outlines to a full script, to grasp elementary filmic vision and listening, and to analyse relevant short films and scenes. The tutor will also introduce techniques in presenting an outline of a full script. 


The course includes: 


• Exploring the differences between writing for film, and writing for television and stage 

• Developing story ideas, themes, and angles 

• Character and narrative description 

• Structure and conflicts 

• Dialogues and scene development


This course is designed for participants with no experience or less than one year prior training in screenwriting.


*This course is taught in Cantonese. English description of this course is for reference only. Please refer to the Chinese course description for details.

Fundamentals of Screenwriting

  • Course Information

    Course Code:EEXC_10JUL2024B

    Discipline: Film & Television

    Tutor: Cheng Kam Fu

    Teaching Medium: Cantonese

    Age Limit: 16 or above

  • Course Schedule

    Period: 10 July 2024 - 11 September 2024

    Day of week: Wednesday

    Time: 7:30pm - 9:30pm

    Location: Online Teaching (Zoom)

    Number of Sessions: 10

  • Course Fee

    Regular fee: HK$ 2,500

  • Price Options

    A discount may be offered to the following applicants. Please enter coupon code when checkout.


    Senior citizen card holders (10%)

    [coupon code: SENIORCITIZEN]


    Holders of registration card for people with disabilities (10%)

    [coupon code: REGDISABLED]


    Full-time students (16 years old or above) (20%)

    [coupon code: FULLTIMESTUDENT20]


    Card holders of Hong Kong Federation of Education Workers (10%)

    [coupon code: HKFEWMEM]


    The discount is only applicable to such card holders themselves. The card holders cannot enrol on behalf of other parties with the discount offers.


    EXCEL reserves the right to a final decision in case of any disputes.

  • Tutor's Profile

    Tutor: Cheng Kam Fu

    CHENG is a senior film screenwriter in Hong Kong. In the early 1980s, he joined Hong Kong's most famous Golden Harvest Film Company as a screenwriter. He has participated in the creation team of famous films such as Project A, Winners and Sinner. His blockbuster films include the trend-setting The Inspector Wears Skirts and the action movie Hitman starring martial arts superstar Jet Li. 

    In the past, he has also been invited twice to serve as a professional judge of the Hong Kong Film Awards.

    In terms of teaching, He has served as a guest lecturer and part-time tutor for film and television degree programs at different universities and has taught film screenwriting courses in HKAPA EXCEL for many years, and film advanced screenwriting courses.

    In addition, Cheng Kam Fu also has rich creative guidance and management experience. In the past 30 years, he has also served as the management and guidance of creative departments in film companies, Hong Kong and overseas TV stations. He has cultivated countless excellent film and TV creative talents.

    He has also participated in many lyrics creation and has composed and written lyrics for many TV programs and movie.

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